5 Signs Your HVAC Needs Cleaning

December 23, 2021 | Home Restoration

On average, people in the United States spend 90% of their day inside. Indoor air can have up to five times as much pollution as the fresh air of the great outdoors. Pollutants found in indoor air include cigarette smoke, lead, mold, asbestos, and pet dander. Air ducts help clean the air indoors to keep us from breathing in these pollutants. Here are five signs that an HVAC needs cleaning.

1. Visible Dust or Dirt

When the air conditioning or heating system is switched on and a puff of dust or dirt emerges from the vent, it’s a sure sign of a dirty air duct. There shouldn’t be anything visible coming from the vent when working properly. There also shouldn’t be a smell arising from the vent. Dust particles, dirt, and smells such as smoke or a metallic scent indicate that the HVAC system could use a good cleaning.

2. Musty Smell or Visible Mold

A musty odor in the home may indicate the presence of mold in the HVAC system. There may also be visible mold growing in the air duct or vents. When an air conditioner cannot keep the humidity in a home in check, the potential for mold occurs. Mildew and mold growth in a home can cause health issues, particularly respiratory issues, for its occupants. When the grill cover is removed, a flashlight will reveal the presence of mold or mildew. A technician specializing in mold removal and indoor air quality should be contacted to take care of the issue.

3. Increased Energy Bills

Clogged air ducts have to work harder to heat or cool a home, increasing the home’s overall energy costs. While energy bills may fluctuate with the season and with increased use, such as installing a new hot tub, overall, a home’s energy bills should be predictable over time. There may also be a noticed change in airflow in the house, indicating that the air ducts or vents to specific rooms are blocked.

An increase in energy consumption without explanation is a sign the HVAC system in the house should be cleaned. Cleaning the HVAC system will rule out any possible leaks that could also be contributing to the increase in energy bills.

4. Unexplained Health Issues

While the common cold and flu season rolls around each year, if there appears to be an increase in illness or ongoing symptoms, it may be indicative of a dirty HVAC system. Poor indoor air quality can cause asthma flare-ups, allergies, respiratory issues, and even itchy skin. After having the HVAC system, there should be a noticeable decrease in symptoms.

5. New Construction or Renovations

Any type of home construction or renovations are messy, leaving dust and debris behind. After construction is completed on a home, whether new construction or remodeling of a previous structure, a technician specializing in cleanup should perform a thorough HVAC system cleaning to remove the extra dirt, dust, and debris from construction. It’s nearly impossible to protect the HVAC system from being infected with the fallout, so it’s best to have it cleaned out to avoid issues.

When it’s time to clean the HVAC system in a home, contact the crew at Steamatic to provide a thorough inspection, cleaning, and possibly spot additional issues. The trained professionals at Steamatic are ready to tackle the job today.

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