Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Steamatic Owned by?
Steamatic is wholly owned by “Johns Lyng Group” an Australian based Construction and Restoration giant.
Who Is Johns Lyng Group?
Johns Lyng Group (ASX:JLG) is a publicly traded Construction and Restoration company based out of Melbourne, Australia. JLG specialize in Major Loss, Catastrophe response/recovery in both Restoration and Construction. The Johns Lyng Group own and operate over 75 businesses around the world in a variety of industries.
Is Steamatic an American Based company?
Yes! Steamatic’s ownership is based out of Melbourne, Australia the business operates separately and has a state of the art headquarters based in Dallas, Texas.
Is Steamatic a Global Franchise Network?
Yes! Steamatic has a global presence in over 12 countries. Depending on the country we use the name Steamatic or BMS Technologies.
I have seen a few iterations of the Steamatic Logo and branding. Why?
Steamatic has embarked on a new and exciting chapter. In March 2019 Steamatic was purchased by Johns Lyng Group who has completely transformed the brand and its image. While all efforts have been made to remove the old imagery some former logos may be seen.
How much does a Steamatic Territory cost?
A standard Steamatic territory gives you access to a population of 250,000 people for only $50,000!

What are the qualifications for a franchisee?
We don’t care where you come from, how old you are or how much knowledge you have of the industry. We are here to teach you everything you will require to be a successful business owner.
What services will I learn?
Our education package prepares you to provide services in a variety of fields and be IICRC Certified. We are experts in ALL aspects of restoration including Water, Fire, and Mold. We pioneered many of the cleaning practices still used today including carpet, rug & hard surface cleaning, and also specialize in HVAC and air duct cleaning. We will educate you on the practices of sub contracting and how to work with construction trades.
How do you define territories?
Territories are defined on a case by case basis. Steamatic has been around for a long time and has a set of standard “Key Indicators” of what a successful territory looks like based on out extensive network.
Do I need an office?
You do not need to have an office to start. As many as 50% of our new owners start without an office. You’ll want warehouse space for your equipment and vehicles as you begin to grow your business.
What are my startup costs?
A Steamatic Franchise is a surprisingly affordable business to own including territory fees an investment of just over $120,000 is required.
How Do I Finance the Business and is financing available?
At Steamatic we have strategic partnerships with 3rd party companies who specialize in helping you finance a franchise. Whether it be an SBA loan or utilizing your 401K we can connect you with the best people to find the best solution for your unique situation.
Can franchisees buy more than one franchise?
Yes! So as long as adjoining territories are available or the market is open we can help you look at adding additional areas to your business.

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