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August 19, 2022 | Category

Owning a restoration and cleaning franchise can be rewarding as well as profitable. Helping people maintain their homes and business, or helping them rebuild after a catastrophe, allows you to connect with your community and help your neighbors. In order to best serve your customers, you’ll want to ensure that your cleaning franchise offers the right services for your market.

The demand for cleaning and restoration services will be affected by your geographic region, the age of the construction in your market, and other unique factors.

Here are the five key services you want to offer through your cleaning franchise.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be great for muffling sound in a home and retaining heat during colder months, but it can also get soiled easily. Carpet cleaning is an essential service for your cleaning franchise because there is a high demand for carpet cleaning, particularly in households with pets.

If your market is in an area with a lot of older homes, it’s likely that many of them have carpet throughout the home. As you’re trying to determine the best cleaning franchise to buy, find out what sort of carpet cleaning training they offer, and what equipment they want their franchisees to use in their carpet cleaning.

Water damage restoration

Coastal areas or regions with a lot of rain will have a high demand for water damage restoration services, but homes and businesses anywhere can be damaged by water. Whether it’s from a severe storm or a busted pipe, water damage can lead to greater problems in a home or business.

As soon as there is any sort of water damage, it’s important to make sure the affected area is dried out as quickly as possible to prevent the growth of mold or rot within the wood.

Knowing the right way to fix water damage takes some training, however, so when looking at cleaning franchise opportunities, ensure that the franchiser is prepared to train you on the best way to fix water damage.

Fire and smoke damage restoration

A fire can be devastating to a property, but even excessive smoke can cause discoloration and damage. A good restoration and cleaning franchise can help a homeowner or business owner rebuild and get a second chance.

Offering restoration from fire and smoke damage adds a valuable service to your cleaning franchise, but like water damage restoration, it requires specific training to be able to do it correctly.

The best cleaning franchises, like Steamatic, will provide all the necessary training on restoration services.

HVAC and air duct cleaning

Air ducts can build up with dust and debris, causing the HVAC system to have to work harder to heat and cool a space. HVAC and air duct cleaning can save your client money in the long run by ensuring that their HVAC system works efficiently.

Keeping air ducts clean can also help mitigate allergies by getting rid of pet dander, dust, and pollen within a home or business. Offering this service as part of your restoration and cleaning business will provide an added value for your business and your customers. 

Stone, tile, and hard surface cleaning

Hard surfaces can be easier to clean than carpet and other more porous materials, but they still need special care and proper cleaning. Hardwood floors require specific techniques and cleaning solutions in order to keep them cleaned and maintained, and some stones like granite or marble can react to certain cleaning supplies.

It’s important to ensure that all your cleaning technicians know the right materials and techniques to use in order to clean these surfaces. Home and business owners invest a lot of money into hard floors or stone countertops, so being able to help them keep their surfaces in the best condition will help to protect their investment and keep their homes and businesses looking their best.

Owning a successful cleaning franchise means knowing what services are in demand in your particular market. The climate, region, and other factors will influence which services your customers need the most. The best cleaning franchises, like Steamatic, will allow you the flexibility to personalize the services you offer and provide comprehensive training on all the different cleaning techniques. If you’re looking for the best cleaning franchise opportunities, then see if Steamatic is a good fit for you!

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