Why the Restoration Industry Is a Smart Business Investment

August 28, 2021 | Home Restoration

Working in the restoration industry means there is a growing job market and a plethora of professional specializations for technicians to train in. Plus, this career can be a fulfilling and challenging one for many people. Learn what the restoration industry entails, the business growth outlook, and the reasons why starting a business in the restoration industry is a smart investment for entrepreneurs and experienced technicians.

What Is the Restoration Industry?

The restoration industry is a collection of services to restore homes, businesses, and other properties after disasters or accidents. Professionals in this industry can specialize in a wide variety of property restoration services, including:

  • Water damage.
  • Fire and smoke damage.
  • Mold remediation.
  • Weather-related and storm damage.
  • Contents recovery.

Reasons To Start a Business in the Restoration Industry

Consider these benefits to getting into the restoration and remediation industry:

  • Restoration jobs can pay higher wages. According to Zippia, restoration technicians can start out at $30,577 per year and increase earnings with certifications, training, and experience. And according to Wylander Recruiting, jobs for project managers and estimators pay between $50,000 and $70,000 per year to start. These jobs pay well, and businesses are likely to make good money too.
  • Restoration services will always be needed. This industry is nearly recession-proof because, when disaster strikes and damage is done, people, businesses, and communities call upon remediation professionals to assess the damage, clean up debris and grime, and restore properties back to their original state. This expertise helps separate restoration professionals from overall construction jobs.
  • A restoration business can grow quickly. It’s possible to start a restoration business by offering just a few basic services that the owner or their employees are skilled in. Then, after gaining a positive reputation for high-quality work, the business can slowly add new services, employ more skilled technicians, and certify employees in different specialties to provide more services to the community.
  • People, businesses, and communities need restoration companies. When homes or businesses are damaged by intense storms, wildfires and property fires, floods, and more, a community needs the expertise of restoration professionals to handle the situations. So, business owners looking to make an impact on their community find the restoration industry to be fulfilling.
  • Restoration companies can serve clients with a variety of needs. Since there are many facets of the restoration industry, a remediation business can specialize in one, a few, or many restoration services to better serve the needs of their community. There are many professional certifications hosted by industry organizations, like the Restoration Industry Association and the National Organization of Restoration and Remediation.

Why Start a Steamatic Franchise?

Here are four reasons to consider starting a Steamatic franchise:

  • Professional reputation: Steamatic has locations around the country and the world, making it a trusted brand for hundreds of thousands of homeowners and business owners everywhere.
  • A large territory: Starting a franchise with Steamatic means a territory of 250,000 people.
  • Reasonable investment costs: Starting a Steamatic franchise costs $50,000 for a 250,000-person territory.
  • Backing from a world-leading construction and restoration company: The Johns Lyng Group, a renowned catastrophe response and recovery company, acquired Steamatic in 2019, creating a wide network of restoration experts.

Contact Steamatic to learn more about franchising opportunities and the benefits of working with a nationally and internationally recognized expert restoration brand.

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