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COVID-19 Sanitation Station

Steamatic of Greater Greenville, South Carolina

Executive Summary

Over the last two years the world has been plagued by Covid-19. Our franchises have all have faced challenges with how to deal with everyday interactions safely. Steamatic of Greater Greenville has made it their priority to help to assist customers with sanitization needs.

•          Treating each request as urgent.

•          Low downtime for your business.

•          Preventive maintenance packages offered.


The Covid – 19 Sanitization & Decontamination service is offered to customers who have recently had an employee(s) or homeowner, who has come in contact with someone who has contracted Covid or in proximity with someone who has the virus. This service is offered as a preventive measure to help protect businesses and homeowners against the virus.


As a national business we have made it a priority to keep our employees safe to the best of everyone’s ability. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who walks through those doors of a Steamatic franchise to feel comforted knowing that we take every precaution necessary to keep them safe.

During a pandemic this can seem nearly impossible.

Just a few short weeks ago, Steamatic or Greater Greenville received a call from one of their- long-term clients, Corporate Care, regarding potential Covid-19 exposure with one of their lo- cations. Their main concern was keeping the staff there as safe as possible. They asked with a sense of urgency to come out and sanitize the facility. They wanted to make sure that all high touched areas, and employees’ communal areas were completely sanitized throughout the office.

“If you know anything about the world of business, then you know any slight pause in productivity can harm the business financially. Being shut down for any small period allows your business to lose potential and current revenue. And for some customers it can be the make or break of staying in business in these times of uncertainty. So, as a franchise, we try to do our best to be on site in less than two –three hours after receiving the initial call to limit down time within the business.”


Before contacting Steamatic of Greater Greenville, regarding this issue, they were said to have been down for a day or so. “When you are an active business owner, addressing the issue ahead is always the best plan of action. In situations like this one where it is a global and nationwide issue, your downtime can vary depending on how quickly you are serviced. Corporate Care believes in providing the best service to their clients in the most efficient way possible, so they did their best to provide a safe working environment.” said the general manager at Steamatic of Greater Greenville, SC.


“Steamatic treats each customer’s needs as an urgent matter.” After receiving the call from Corporate Care around 4:00 PM regarding potential exposure, the Steamatic team arrived on the scene within an hour after closing time. They were able to get in quickly and sanitize the entire area within just a few hours! While providing this service, the team was able to update the customer in real time with photos and short videos during the process of the progress.

This allowed the customer to know that the job was getting done and the team was treating their issue with the utmost care.

“Thanks so much Steamatic for all that you do!”

Corporate Care

How Product Helped + Benefits

In providing this corporate cleaning service, Steamatic of Greater Greenville, SC used a product called Shockwave. Shockwave is an EPA-registered disinfectant, sanitizer, and cleaner de- signed for use on various surfaces subject to microbial contamination and effective against the Coronavirus. The benefit of using this product is having the ability to place customers’ minds at ease in knowing that Steamatic can provide a certified and successful job in sanitizing their residence/business with a product that kills the virus.

Call to Action

As a total restoration, construction, and cleaning company we want to strive daily to provide excellent, prompt, and dependable service to our customers.” As we navigate through this global pandemic Steamatic will continue to offer Sanitization & Decontamination Services to help assist in protecting our customers against the spread of Covid-19.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

As a result of Steamatic offering this service, franchises are now able to provide a solution to their customers during this time of need. Steamatic of Greater Greenville, SC was able to eliminate any extensive downtime of their business. Their customer, Corporate Care, was able to open the very next day without any delay.

Steamatic’s Sanitization & Decontamination service allowed for Corporate Care to get back to normal as quickly as possible with little to no downtime at all. As stated before, business downtime equals monetary impact. Steamatic’s job is to do our best to assist customers by getting back to normal as quickly as possible. “Making your home, home again.”

Having this service in place allows every customer to have that sense of peace knowing that someone is there to help protect those they care about against exposure to Covid. Let Steamatic be your go to for protection for Covid. Give us a call today to set up your Sanitization & Decontamination plan of action.

•          Treating each request as urgent.

•          Low downtime for your business.

•          Preventive maintenance

Clean up on aisle 12!

Steamatic of Virginia Peninsula

A Commercial Fire

Shortly after 11:00am on Monday, September 21, 2020, a small fire was reported inside one of our large commercial retail stores. The fire was contained to an unoccupied store on the lower level of the building and was quickly extinguished by the building’s sprinkler system. While the fire damage was minimal, smoke and soot penetrated the store and the store department, and the sprinkler caused substantial water damage to the first floor where the

store decor and two large sections of books and house items are housed.

The Call

A local carpet cleaning company was first on-site in an attempt to extract the water. It quickly became apparent that the amount of moisture and the extent of drying required a professional restoration company, in order to mitigate the damage. Steamatic of Virginia Peninsula walked through the affected area with franchise officials, evaluated the damage, formulated a drying process, and submitted the required estimate and purchase order to begin work on the project.

The Client

Open communication, complete discloser, and working with limited disruption to the Store hours, the staff had established from the beginning of the project. Our project manager briefed the General Manager of the store at least twice daily with the day’s work schedule and a timeline progress report. Steamatic’s water restoration tech checked the moisture level in various locations of the Store every day and logged the specific levels in a mitigation binder. This binder was kept onsite and allowed the store’s management team, their adjusters, and Maintenance staff to check the drying progress themselves. Steamatic’s contents team worked to clean the fire damaged areas while the mitigation team worked on moving heavy supplies, setting up drying equipment and mitigating the water damage without disrupting the store staff whose daily operations resumed two days after the fire occurred. Steamatic of VA Peninsula also worked on Saturdays and after the store closed performing functions that could potentially disrupt Store activity.

The Supplies and books

Following the fire and it’s extinguishing, books, decorations items in the Decor aisle sustained water damage and were exposed to high humidity. Since high humidity can lead to the growth of mold or mildew in books, paper goods and special documents, the team knew time was of the essence to prevent this growth. They moved over 1000 books into a special chamber and set up on the lower level of the store. In this chamber, the team was able to control the humidity levels and dry the books, documents and paper items while the remediation took place around it throughout the store. In a week’s time. Stematic of Virginia Peninsula was able to remove the humidity from the items, dry and clean the affected areas and assist in returning the items to the assigned areas.


“Friendly, professional, and timely service provided. You can’t go wrong with Steamatic!”

Monica Harries, Payne & Associates, Inc.

“Very reliable and responsive company! Work and ethics are amazing.”

Mike Descher, MediaGroup Marketing

“The whole team at Steamatic is top-notch! Great customer service!!”

Katie Wind, ADP Small Business Services

“I recommend Steamatic of Virginia Peninsula for her caring dedication and diligence shown to her customers, who have drastic devastation issues of natural weather elements as well as Covid cleaning. “

Fire Drill gone wrong.



On February 14, 2021, a facility manager from a local community college contacted Steamatic of Albuquerque and Santa Fe to request emergency restoration services after a fire suppression line ruptured at one of their buildings. Water ran for a few hours before this was noticed, and water had affected Levels 1 and 2. Both floors had standing water.

Plan of Action

Steamatic crews responded afterhours on that evening for emergency extraction; an 8-person crew extracted water from 6:30 pm until 1:30 a.m. The fire suppression lines ruptured three additional times during that period, and the fire suppression company was finally called by the facility manager to stop the leak. The water was black, smelly, and had originated from the lines that had not been flushed in many months, and the Category of water loss was determined to be a Category 3.


After reviewing the project and the drying plan with the facility manager, the scope of work was authorized. Steamatic advised that drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, fabric cubicles, and other porous structural materials affected should be removed and replaced per IICRC S500. Content, such as desks, chairs, personal items, window, electronics would need to be cleaned or disposed of per IICRC S500.


The content was safely moved and protected. Other items, like computers, were moved to different areas per the client’s request. Demo of contaminated building materials began on 2/17/21, and the crew worked to wipe down all electronics, shelves, and tabletops. The team moved to the second floor on 2/25/21 to repeat the same process of carefully manipulating content, demo’ing affected materials, and cleaning other items in place.

Simultaneously, Steamatic construction crews were following the mitigation teams to replace insulation, hang and tape drywall, paint, and replace ceiling tiles and other. Together, the two teams completed the project in just 15 days. 


Many long hours were required to complete this project in the timeline required by the school.  The facility manager needed Steamatic to do whatever it would take to return the building to safe occupancy. He said, “Do it right. Keep my kids safe in this building.” A rigorous three-shift schedule was needed by our mitigation and construction teams to complete the project by the agreed upon date, and this is exactly what Steamatic did!