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Guide to Funding Your Restoration Franchise

Home restoration has become a popular franchise choice for many individuals with an interest in helping others to rebuild their homes after a natural disaster. The home and restoration market continues to grow, and with that growth comes additional opportunities to break into the industry and eventually scale the business. Here are three steps involved in successfully funding a restoration franchise.

1. Research Available Loans

Many prospective franchisees will be unable to fully fund a franchise on their own, which is why it’s important to meet with a bank or another financial institution to see what loan options are available. Before meeting with a lender, franchisees will need to show them that they’re trustworthy by preparing a resume that includes their personal background and work history. A franchisee’s paperwork might also include financial statements and credit history, in addition to a business plan detailing their plan for running the franchise.

After all the documents are ready, the franchisee can learn more about the loan options available to them. These might include Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, traditional loans, or even loans from online lenders. All loans have different requirements, so it’s important to check over all the stipulations before formally applying.

2. Apply for a Loan

During the loan application process, lenders vet the franchisee they’re planning to grant funds to, in addition to the franchise system as a whole. Typically, franchisees have to fill out an application before the lender can grant them the loan. SBA loans are often a popular choice among franchisees, and these loans require a franchisee to fill out an application form, provide a copy of the signed franchise agreement, hold a business license, provide a copy of any personal or financial statements, and provide any records of previous loans. Other loans may have similar requirements.

3. Consider Alternative Financing Methods

Besides traditional or SBA loans, franchisees often consider a variety of other ways to fund their restoration franchise. In some cases, restoration franchisees seek assistance from close family or friends. Before accepting any financing, it’s important to create an agreement so all parties are fully aware of their obligations. Sometimes, the restoration franchise itself might provide the franchisee with a loan under the condition they stay with the franchise for a certain amount of time and keep profitability up.

Alternative lenders may also offer additional capital to supplement a traditional or SBA loan. These lenders generally have less stringent requirements and offer a wider variety of loan options, depending on the size of the franchise.

Individuals with an interest in buying a restoration franchise should consider all of their available options. Getting a loan can be challenging, but with the right help, it doesn’t have to be. Anyone with an interest in breaking into the home restoration and cleaning industry and owning their own business should consider owning a Steamatic franchise. Learn more about franchise ownership and all that it entails by filling out our contact form or leaving us a message at 817-332-1575. Get started in no time with our vast resources.


“The Solution is in The Air”

Chemistry innovation! Since COVID-19 first started causing disruption to our daily lives, Steamatic has led the way in the search for solutions to the pandemic. Steamatic is excited to announce a partnership with Grignard Pure. Grignard Pure is a first of it’s kind treatment that can successfully reduce COVID-19 virus levels in the air. 

Grignard Pure provides equipment,  training and resources. When the pandemic arose and the virus hit hard, Steamatic delivered a solution that decreases airborne transmission of covid-19.

It is a COVID-19 Air Treatment.

Our Franchisees are now beginning to adopt this Airborne Antiviral Solution! The FIRST to be approved of by the EPA. We are one of two restoration companies in the nation to offer this service.

Why use it?

Grignard Pure is the first of its kind antimicrobial air treatment that is proven to kill more than 98% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air where transmission is most likely. The following states: Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, are the first states to approve Grignard Pure, this means we are now allowed to use the product safely within the state’s guidelines.

It is among the only regulated antimicrobial air treatment available.


It provides continuous coverage and protection when in use.

We highly recommend everyone investigate the service more by clicking on this link:


This featured machine is approved by the EPA.

Grignard Pure ensures this product can be monitored visually and by sensors regardless of air exchanges.