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5 Reasons To Own a Restoration Franchise

For those who want to run their own business, there are many potential benefits to opening up a restoration franchise. Besides offering the potential for growth, profit, and success, this franchising opportunity gives business owners the chance to make a difference in customers’ lives. Read on to learn about five reasons to buy a restoration franchise today.

1. Small Initial Investment

While starting any business will require investment, a restoration franchise can help minimize upfront costs. This is because they allow an owner to begin running their business as soon as possible. Unlike other home improvement businesses, restoration only requires minimal machinery and equipment. In many cases, owners can even leave some of the equipment requirements to subcontractors. An owner can start their business with as little as moisture meters, cleaning products, dehumidifiers, air movers, and a service van.

2. Ongoing Support

One of the benefits of buying a restoration franchise is that an owner receives constant support from the parent company. If they have questions or need support, they always have someone to turn to. This can include legal services, marketing materials, software, machinery, or other business necessities. If owners want to run their own business without the risk of going at it alone, a franchise can be a great choice.

3. Growth Potential

Restoration will always be an in-demand business. Unexpected water damage will always be an issue, and restoration companies will always be in high demand. This has led the restoration business to increase in recent years, as it’s worth about $210 billion and is expected to continue growing. If an owner is looking for an opportunity to provide a service that customers will always need, restoration is a good choice. This demand can lead to growth and profit opportunities as an owner expands their business and strengthens their customer base.

4. Rewarding Work

While restoration can be challenging work, it can greatly impact the lives of customers. Whether helping to restore a family’s home or fix a cherished memory, a restoration franchise owner can rest assured their work is making a difference. In many cases, restoration owners feel as if their hard work and dedication are more than worth it to build a company that makes the world a better place, one client at a time. Owners can check out this detailed description of what restoration companies do for customers to understand the positive effects of their work.

5. An Established Name

When an owner starts a franchise relationship with Steamatic, they’re getting the support and name of a long-standing, American-born institution. Owners can enjoy the benefit of established customer relationships based on years of quality service. While it can require hard work to live up to the Steamatic name, franchise owners enter a network of strong, capable restoration providers. This connection can be more valuable than any monetary resource as an owner begins their restoration business journey.

These are just a few of the many potential benefits of buying a restoration franchise. At Steamatic, we want to help any potential owner start the business journey that’s right for them. Contact us today to learn more about our franchising opportunities.

What Do I Need To Purchase a Restoration Franchise?

Restoration companies provide property repair services to home and business owners following damage from events like floods, fires, or windstorms. Buying a restoration franchise can be an exciting business move and career goal for renovators. By purchasing a restoration franchise rather than starting one, business owners can benefit from the existing company infrastructure, brand recognition, and corporate framework. Here are the basic steps and necessities for purchasing a restoration franchise.

Define a Goal

A defined goal can help individuals make important business decisions about franchise type, location, price, and timeline. One helpful way to create a business goal when purchasing a restoration franchise is to consider personal skills and interests, management experience, and industry experience. For example, a buyer with experience in mold restoration, a professional interest in apartment complex restoration, and a personal goal of owning a franchise in the southern United States can use this information to target franchise opportunities that match their vision.

Create a Budget

Budgets are key to making financially sound business decisions. To create a budget, a franchise buyer can begin by considering their personal financial constraints and qualifications, including net worth, credit score, and income. Another important consideration is the total investment required, including the purchase fee, employee expenses, equipment costs and ongoing costs of operation. Finally, consider the financing options to help get the business off the ground. These options include loans, investors, and equipment financing. Consider including a timeline to add specificity to your budget.

Identify Opportunities

Future franchisees can do research to find opportunities and prepare themselves for buying and operating a franchise. Researching a franchise opportunity online by visiting its website and reading reviews can be a helpful way to begin the opportunity identification process. Individuals might look for opportunities that match their goals and strengths. It’s also important to consider what makes an ideal location, including the region, city, surroundings, and accessibility for customers.

Research Franchise Specifics

After identifying a few exciting restoration franchise options, contact one to three top franchises to learn more. A phone call can be a useful way to get to know the current franchise owner and learn specific details about the franchise. Consider asking questions like:

  • How long has this franchise been in operation?
  • What is the initial purchasing fee?
  • In what regions does this franchise operate?
  • How many units does this franchise currently include?
  • What are the growth goals and plans for this franchise?
  • Are there financing options available?
  • What sort of regional competition exists for this franchise?

After a successful phone conversation, it can be useful to set up a site visit or attend a franchise “discovery day,” where the franchise owners invite potential buyers to the company headquarters for presentations and Q&A opportunities. From there, interested buyers can complete an application and sign a franchise agreement to complete the purchase.

For individuals ready to take their restoration careers to the next level, purchasing a franchise might be an exciting opportunity. To learn more about how to buy a franchise, contact Steamatic to make an appointment.

Why You Should Purchase a Franchise in the Restoration Industry

Restoration services help combat the aftermath of disasters, such as floods and fire. Homes exposed to water damage, mold, mildew, and fire require a professional touch. From eliminating the smell of smoke to properly eradicating microbial growths, there’s a great deal for a skilled professional to do in these situations. Franchise owners in the restoration industry can benefit from the growing demand for this type of service.

Increasing Demand for Restoration Services

The damage restoration services industry has seen increased annualized revenue of 0.5% between 2016 and 2021 to a total of $4 billion. The demand for these services is only expected to grow in the coming years. There are many possible reasons for this increase in demand, including:

  • A growing number of billion-dollar disasters. Between 1980 and 2018, the country averaged just 6.2 such events each year. Between 2016 and 2018, this average increased to 15 a year.
  • Higher health and safety standards as a result of COVID-19.
  • More tightly sealed energy-efficient homes where lack of airflow can lead to microbial growth, particularly in harsh winters.
  • A surge in home improvements driven by the growing number of people staying in and working from home.

These events and others have created a notable demand for home restoration solutions that industrious franchisees can capitalize on as they assist their communities.

Greater Organization in the Restoration Industry

The home restoration industry saw some major changes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Those attempting home restoration fraud made their way into the limelight, and new regulations went into place to help homeowners secure more reliable services and solutions in the wake of a disaster. Organizations like the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification have developed a wealth of resources to help business owners better serve their customers in the critical area of home restoration.

This means that franchise owners in this business have more educational tools at their fingertips than ever before. These same tools and resources make it easier to train employees who are new to the industry as well. This is especially important, as securing and retaining employees is one of the top challenges faced by restoration businesses.

Enhanced Restoration Technologies

The tools and technologies used for home restoration are evolving just as the industry is. Project management technology offers a wealth of benefits to franchise owners. They simplify the process of coordinating multiple jobs and maximizing efficiency and profitability.

It’s easier than ever to measure humidity, temperature, and moisture using compact sensors. These sensors can transmit data off-site so businesses can evaluate the information and remotely control dehumidifiers and other equipment that’s left in place for days at a time. The latest air scrubbers with HEPA technology can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns to remove allergens, irritants, and other hazards from the air.

Those interested in investing in a new franchise may find that the restoration industry is the perfect investment. As the desire for effective and efficient restoration solutions grows, so will the opportunities in this field.

What Is Electronic Restoration?

Nearly all homes and businesses today are filled with electronics like computers, TVs, game consoles, and audio equipment. In a disaster, these items can suffer extensive damage from fire, flooding, or contaminants. This is where a professional electronic restoration service comes in. Electronic restoration helps return these items to a safe and functional state.


How Long Does the Fire and Smoke Restoration Process Take?

A fire can be a devastating event for any homeowner or business owner, and it can be imperative to restore the property as soon as possible so a family or staff can safely return. However, there are many aspects of a fire disaster that can impact how long the process of fire and smoke restoration takes. Learn what the fire and smoke restoration process entails and what can impact the restoration process timeline.


How Does Fire Restoration Work?

A fire can be devastating for any homeowner or business owner, and the damage from a fire can vary from minimal to severe. But there are many important steps in the fire restoration process that remediation professionals like Steamatic use to effectively and efficiently restore a home or building. Learn what the process of fire restoration is to better understand how this service can restore a home after a fire disaster.