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Why Do I Need Protectant on My Carpets?

Carpet can be a great feature in many homes, and properly maintaining it can keep a space looking comfortable and clean. One of the most important ways to maintain carpeting is by applying a carpet protectant to reduce the effects of spills, stains, and everyday dirt. Explore the reasons how carpet protectant works and why it’s important for maintaining carpet for years to come.


Why the Restoration Industry Is a Smart Business Investment

Working in the restoration industry means there is a growing job market and a plethora of professional specializations for technicians to train in. Plus, this career can be a fulfilling and challenging one for many people. Learn what the restoration industry entails, the business growth outlook, and the reasons why starting a business in the restoration industry is a smart investment for entrepreneurs and experienced technicians.


Is a Franchise Better Than Starting a Business?

Whether someone has experience in an industry or is brand-new to the field, starting a franchise instead of a startup business can be a better choice for many people. And this is especially true of the restoration and remediation industry. Learn how a franchise works, review the pros and cons of starting a franchise instead of a business, and consider starting a restoration franchise with Steamatic.